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LifeTec Strategy Video


Great Gadget presentations have been an important tool used by LifeTec to highlight the many types of assistive technology available to help people live safer and more independent lives.

We now make these presentations available in the following 10 videos in Great Gadgets Series One:

Great Gadgets Introduction

AT for Eating and Drinking

In this video, LifeTec occupational therapist Gaenor, takes at look at some of the simple items used in the kitchen that can make eating, drinking and meal preparation easier.

Bathroom Modifications

In this video, LifeTec occupational therapist Jamie, discusses some of the considerations in making your bathroom safer and more accessible.

AT for the Bedroom

In this video, Gaenor shows some assistive technology that can make bed transfer and dressing easier.

Mobility Options

In this video, LifeTec physiotherapist Karin, shows some of the available options to increase your mobility and access to the community.

Safe Vehicle Transfers

In this video, Gaenor shows some of the options for safe transfers in and out of a car.

Emergency Call Systems

In this video, Gaenor discusses emergency call systems, including land-line and mobile options.

Communication Devices

In this video, LifeTec Speech Pathologist Dennis, looks at some communication devises and communication systems that people can use if the experience communication difficulties.

Medication Management

In this video, Gaenor takes us through some of the options for medication management.

Computer Access and Technology

In this video, LifeTec occupation therapist Chris, looks at some ways to make it easier to access and use a computer.


This video highlights our use of innovative practices to roll out a digital strategy so we can offer a wider range of services to our clients, even those in rural and remote areas.

Many thanks go to Digital Brisbane for helping us create this video to further our vision.

Watch our video to see how we can offer you practical solutions - Keep doing the things you love!

Many thanks go to the Griffith University Film School for helping us create this 30-second video as a Community Service Announcement to be played on Television and Movie Theatres.

LifeTec's Brisbane Smart Home has recently been updated to include home automation, environment control and telehealth options.  Launched by Lord Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk, the Smart Home allows people to trial a range of smart technologies that will enable them to remain living at home safer and more independent.