Augmentative and Alternative Communication Service

We all value the ability to communicate as a fundamental right. Communication enables autonomy, identity, independence and participation. People who experience complex communication needs (CCN) benefit from the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions to meet their communication needs and enhance life experiences.


What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. This term describes various
methods of communication and may include:

  • High-tech speech generating devices
  • Low-tech communication boards/books
  • High-tech single and multi-message
  • communication aids
  • Low-tech symbols
  • Unaided systems e.g. signing

Why use AAC?

With the right AAC solution you can:

  • Have a voice, have your say
  • Be involved and included in decisions that affect your life
  • Choose who you want to communicate with and know people can talk to you
  • Make your own choices and be able to express these choices
  • Feel included and involved in your community
  • Maintain your confidence, identity and well-being

Why choose LifeTec?

LifeTec employs speech pathologists who deliver a dedicated AAC service for people of all ages and abilities. Our speech pathologists will work with LifeTec’s other health professionals to ensure we meet your needs.
When you engage with LifeTec you know you will:

  • Receive an efficient and effective AAC service that is appropriate to your needs
  • Work with people who understand your communication needs and who recognise that AAC might be useful for you
  • Find an AAC solution that works for you and integrates with all your other equipment
  • Have the support you need to setup and use your AAC solution
  • Know what to do should your needs change or your AAC solution requires maintenance or repair

What services do we offer?

IMAGINE/SEEK – This appointment gives you the opportunity to dream big, explore the possibilities, identify your goals and find out about the range of AAC solutions available.

CHOOSE – When you are ready to acquire an AAC solution, we can offer:

  • comprehensive communication assessments
  • organise AAC to trial
  • support your decision on the AAC solution for you
  • complete prescriptions and funding applications on your behalf

LIVE – Once you have your AAC solution, we can assist with set up, training (for yourself and your communication partners) and ensure you know how to maintain your AAC solution.

How do we do this?

Options for service delivery include home visits, in centre appointments or Tele consults. We will work with you and your carers to decide the most appropriate way to meet your need.

What are the costs?

We are registered providers with NDIS, My Aged Care, DVA and Medicare and will work with you to determine how to fund the service you require.