Dementia and Smart Technology Resources

Smart technologies and mainstream technologies are offering new ways to enable everyday activity and to keep living well at home for longer.

‘Smart technology: living well with dementia’ is aimed at a simple understanding of smart technologies and how they can support people living with dementia to live well at home. These free resources and information are designed for anyone affected by dementia, including people with dementia, families and service providers. This information can help to build awareness about how everyday technologies can be used, and to encourage people with dementia and their families to explore and benefit from new technologies as they need them.

This project has been funded by the Australian Government: Dementia Aged Care Services fund.

Video series: What are smart technologies?

These short videos help new technology users explore the possibilities of smart technology. We look at the kinds of technologies that can be used for living well at home, staying socially connected and keeping active and involved in everyday life. 

What are Smart Technologies?

This video introduces the idea of smart technology - what we mean by ‘smart’ technology, and what it can do for us. Find out more about the kinds of technologies that can support people to ‘live well’. 


What can Smart Home Technologies do for you?

Smart home technologies can make it easier to control things in our homes like lights, stoves, appliances, doors or temperature. They can also help with feeling connected and staying safe. Find out more about the types of technologies that can help with living well at home.  


Smart Device Apps

In this video we talk about smart device apps and how they can help with doing the things you enjoy, keeping up with daily life and staying in touch with others. Many are free of charge, and you can begin using them right away.  


Staying Connected with Social Media

Staying socially connected is one of the keys to 'living well'. Social media is one of the easiest ways to stay connected with people you love, join online communities and find support. In this video, we explain what social media is, the benefits of using social media and ways to use it to stay connected. Watch to find out more.  


Apps for Wellness

Wellness apps can offer simple, low cost or free options for improving health and wellness. Find out about how apps can help support active living, healthy routines and mental and physical wellbeing. 


Finding your way

Location and GPS technologies can be a great way to feel safe and reassured, and keep you doing the things you love doing. Find out more about how smart technologies can help with keeping in touch and finding your way in the community.  


Health Technologies

There are many health technologies these days to help manage our overall health and keep track of health measurements. Find out more about how smart technologies can help us keep track of body measurements, maintain a healthy weight, stay strong, and keep an active lifestyle. 


Managing Medications

A good medication routine is vital for making the most of medications and can have a positive impact on health and quality of life. Find out more about smart technologies that help with remembering, managing and organising medications.


Prompts and Reminders

Sometimes it can be hard remembering everything we need to do. Smart technologies can be useful when it comes to setting reminders or scheduling daily events and appointments. Reminders and prompts on our smart devices can help with remembering what to do and keeping daily life organized.



Reminiscence plays a huge role in our day to day lives and contributes greatly to improving our mood, memory and overall wellness.  There are a number of smart technologies that can be used for remembering, sharing or reflecting on past events and special memories. 

Smart Lighting

Many people are trying out the benefits of smart lighting in their homes. Smart lights can be programmed to give off the right amount of light when you need it, and help make homes safe and secure. Find out about the kinds of smart lighting you can use around the home.


Smart Door and Security Options

Feeling safe and secure at home is important and there are technologies out there to help provide us with the tools we need to live securely in our own homes. Watch this video to find out more about smart doorbells, camera and door locks.



Smart Sensors

Smart home sensors let you know when there is something to be concerned about, when you’re at home or away from home. Find out about technologies that let you know when there are safety risks like smoke, fire, gas or flooding, doors opening or unusual activity around the house.


Smart Speakers and Home Assistants

Smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa can be a low-cost everyday way to turn your home into a simple smart home. Find out how you can do a number of things just by using your voice – like play your favourite music, check the time, or set up alarms and reminders.


Call Systems: Staying Safe at Home

Emergency call systems keep people in contact with help when they most need it. Find out about smart technologies and sensors that you can use to call for help, keep in touch, stay safe at home or detect falls.


Staying in Touch

Staying in contact with friends, family and services is an essential part of our lives. Smart phones, tablets and apps have changed the way we connect and interact with each other: find out about ways to use technology to make calling and staying in touch easier.