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We are continually exploring the most innovative ways to ensure people are making an informed choice about the assistive technology suitable for their needs. Our dedicated health professionals can provide you with comprehensive information and service to assist you with your AT journey. LifeTec has over 35 years’ experience partnering with people to IMAGINE, SEEK, CHOOSE and LIVE the best AT solution. This guide provides a step by step process for getting the right AT solutions.

IMAGINE: The possibilities that AT could provide

Technology is rapidly improving and developing and the possibilities are endless. Options are available to suit your unique requirements and chances are you know someone who uses AT successfully in their daily life, for work, school or recreation.

  • Are there things you have dreamed about being able to do?
  • Have you seen people do things that you would like to do?
  • Have you seen any technologies that you would like to try?

Part of the process in getting the right fit for you, is to ask the right person the right questions. Learn from consumers who have been on the AT journey and subscribe to get the latest AT updates or follow us on Facebook.

SEEK: Information and advice on AT

Comprehensive information about the range of options, features, functions, usability, aesthetics, costs.

Where can I find information?

AT professionals

  • Discuss your unique requirements
  • Explore options available
  • Support trial of options
  • Review the suitability of option

Your assistive technology team

Click here to be redirected to the Independent Living Centre product database where you can search for assistive products from suppliers all around Australia.

Your AT professional is essential in the process to ensure that there is a good match between you, your AT, your environment and what you want to achieve. LifeTec professionals can provide dedicated AT services. They have comprehensive knowledge of the full range of AT options and use their clinical skills to ensure you find the AT solution the is right for you.

Suppliers are the experts on their own specific brands and product range. They can provide you with a lot of valuable information about the features and operation of products in their range. They can provide detailed information on specifications and cost of the AT. They also assist with trailing devices, setup, training and maintenance. Find assistive technology products and suppliers in by visiting independent living centre assistive technology product database on

Other AT users are an invaluable source of information. Their personal experience of the process of AT selection can help you locate and utilise local supports. They can also provide invaluable support and advice on how the AT option works in the “real world”, including ongoing costs and maintenance.

CHOOSE: The best option for you

It is crucial to trial AT prior to purchasing it to ensure that you are getting the “right-fit” for your particular purposes. Many people may be using a similar looking device, or be able to provide you with a good idea of what solutions worked for them, but the best person to decide the right solution for you is YOU. It is important to consider the suitability of the AT option in combination with options and services you already use. Will this new piece of AT compliment or enhance your current method of doing things? You will also need to consider how you will fund your AT solution.

LIVE: Successfully with your AT

Setup and fit

It is important that your final choice is right for you now and well into the future. Not all options are delivered to suit your unique needs. LifeTec can work with you to ensure your choice is setup to fit your specific purposes.

Is this working for me?

Have you been provided with the training you require?

Do you understand your ongoing training needs and where to access this?

Tailoring your AT does not need to be a complex task, but it often means the difference between your option being perfect, or not being used at all.

  • Do you know all the features and functions of technology?
  • Can you adjust things on your own?
  • Do you know how to adjust them?
  • Do you feel any discomfort or is the setup making it difficult to use?
  • Can you do what you need to do?

What is the most helpful way for you to learn new things?

  • Step-by-step demonstration
  • Watching others
  • Experimentation
  • Trial and error
  • Practice
  • Reading the manual or help screens
  • Completing on-line tutorials 


Circle of support

Have you located a "circle of support?

More information and support

LifeTec provides dedicated Assistive Technology Services, we work with people of all ages and abilities to locate tailored AT solutions to meet their goals. We are registered to provide NDISMy Aged Care , DVA, Medicare and EPC.