Testimonials (Introductory Text)

We value the feedback we receive from clients; it helps in the continual improvement of our services and lets us know that we are doing a great job!


Thanks so much to the staff at Lifetec who we encountered today when we came in to the centre in Newmarket today.

We were treated with respect, provided with relevant information and left much more informed on assistive devices and technology to ease my journey with Motor Neurone disease. 

You do great work.

Brian Beck

Home modifications gave me my life back

Dear LifeTec,

Since the installation of the stair climber I have regained my life. Simple things like doing the washing and taking it off the line are now possible. I used to not do things because of  the thought of having to get up and down the stairs. I now zip downstairs to tend to my rose garden, no longer having only glimpses of the plants from above. I go to the post office and do messages as I am still able to drive. In other words, I have regained my life and independence. The difference this has made to my enjoyment of life is tremendous – thanks again for my freedom.

Regards, Jackie


Jackie H

Options when designing our public toilets

Many thanks for the drop down rails - the different models will give our technical officers some options when designing our public toilets...

Council Worker

Thank You

Thank You very much. It was great to be able to talk through some of the issues with you, to ensure I hadn't missed anything.


Information is extremely useful for my future

Over the past three weeks, JCU students have had the opportunity to learn from occupational therapists at Lifetec. With informative lectures and workshops, the information is extremely useful for my future in this profession. The tour of Lifetec was a very beneficial experience. I learnt about multiple assistive devices that I never knew existed. With three workstations, the occupational therapists were warming and open and gave a great tour of the display. Thank you to the occupational therapists who took their time to thoroughly explain functional assistive devices, which will be a great help for our future practice. All students studying occupational therapy should have the chance to experience a tour at Lifetec.

Caitlin Ansell
3rd Year Occupational Therapy Student

Thank you again for your support

Thank you again for your support on making our carers excursion’s to Life Tec a success. The feedback that I receive from the groups that I support in getting to your showroom is all positive. As you are aware, our organisation supports carers in the community and by providing them the opportunity to view your extensive range  in one place ensures that they can make informed decisions when choosing a product that will meet their needs and support them in their caring role.
Some comments relayed to me from carers:

  • The product range of assistive aids is large and the personalised professional advice allows me to ask questions to help me choose the right product to assist me to support my Husband.
  • The showroom is set out in a way that I can interact with the products to ensure I get the product that best meet my needs.
  • The trip to Life Tec provided me the opportunity to view and handle a  variety of assistive aids all in one place.
  • Staff are very helpful
  • I like how I can get printed material on the products that I am interested in.
  • I am grateful to Suncare for providing me the opportunity to visit Life Tec.
Paul Zeeland
Health and Wellbeing Facilitator